What is Yield and why you should mention it in your listing?

“Real estate yield is simply the amount of future income you can receive on an investment. It is usually calculated as a percentage annually and is based on the property’s market value. Consider this as an example. If you have a property which has a current market value of $500,000 and were making $25,000 as an annual rent, you would be receiving a yield of 5%. If you own a residential property, it is ideal to have a yield of 5% or more.”

How to calculate my rental yield?

You do not have to worry about calculating your rental yield. If you do not know your yield, you can use our yield calculator by clicking here. All you have to do is enter the market value or your asking price and the rent you receive (or the rent you may receive if you were to rent your property out) and we will calculate the yield percentage for you.

Calculate Yield

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