Choose genuine leads and properties on our website to share with your clients and earn commission.

Connect with genuine and serious property owners

Stop scrambling behind properties and contacts that may be fake. You do not have to chase leads and spend time on making connections that may not amount to anything. At Estate Agent Power, we list only genuine property.

Sell properties from all over the world

It doesn’t matter if you work locally or if you want the world to be your selling ground, you will find something for you on Estate Agent Power.

Verified properties

We do our due diligence before approving properties to be listed on our platform. We also verify documents to make sure that they are genuine. This translates to risk free deals for you and your clients.

Excellent professional pictures and videos for your clients

We ensure that the property images, videos, floor plans and virtual tours posted on Estate Agent Power are of good quality. This lets your clients make an informed decision about the property they want to buy in case a physical visit is not possible.

Get paid a sizeable amount as commission when you sell a property

When you sell a property on Estate Agent Power, you stand to earn an attractive amount as commission. You can use word of mouth, your contacts, social media,and even other real estate platforms to bring potential traffic to our platform. You are free to keep this commission to yourself or you may share it with any other referrers who may be working with you.

Get a commission when you refer a vendor to our platform

Feel free to send your clients our way and have them advertise their property on our platform. When the property is sold, you can earn a commission. If you help sell the same property, you earn commission for selling it too.

Use your own Referrer's Dashboard to keep track of your work

Estate Agent Power has a Referrer’s Dashboard with all the tools that lets you record and keep a track of your sales. In addition to simply keeping track of your sales, the dashboard has a multitude of other exciting features. Get updates on the number of visitors, the purchase count, and more. You can see and separate updates for each property you refer to on the dashboard. You can copy property links or can download images, floor plans and other details of the property you choose to sell and can share them with your contacts. You can use our split commission feature to calculate and split the commission you receive between any other helpers you may have. Use our career graph to see an in-depth analysis of how your work has been each month. Do your best and you may be featured as the best referrer of the month. Read less

Come home to your dream property with Estate Agent Power (EAP)

EAP is an all-in-one real estate website that allows you to buy and sell your property worldwide. We live in a global world today, and we believe that everyone should have the power of buying property anywhere in the world, no matter where they are.

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