How to Become a Referral Agent with a Real Estate Platform

“The global real estate market is expected to reach $637.80 trillion by 2024. As a referral agent with a global real estate platform like Estate Agent Power, you can also earn big. Here is how you can start working as a referral agent”
Understanding the Role of a Referral Agent

A referral agent serves as a link between potential buyers, sellers, or renters and a real estate platform.Rather than directly engaging in property transactions, referral agents leverage their networks to refer clients to the platform.

Research and Choose a Platform

Start by researching reputable real estate platforms offering referral agent programs. Consider factors like reputation, commission structures, and support provided to referral agents. Estate Agent Power provides an ever-growing global portfolio for its referral agents to work with. We also have an exciting commission structure. Learn more here.

Registration and Qualifications

Register as a referral agent on your chosen platform. Some platforms may require specific qualifications or certifications, so ensure you meet their criteria.

Understand Platform Policies

Familiarise yourself with the platform's policies for referral agents. Learn about referral tracking and any contractual obligations to ensure clarity and compliance.

Network and Generate Leads

Utilise your network and connections to generate leads. Spread awareness about the platform's benefits and encourage potential clients to use the platform for their real estate needs.

Referring Clients

After registration, refer potential buyers and sellers to the platform. Ensure they use your unique referral agents link or code during sign-up or transactions to accurately track your referral agents.

Track Referral Agents and Commissions

Regularly monitor the progress of your Referral Agents using the platform's tracking system. Estate Agent Power has an easy to use and navigate online dashboard for you. Here, you can see your properties, properties available for sale, commissions you stand to earn with each property, the commission you have already earned and more.

Provide Exceptional Service

Maintain professionalism and offer quality service. Ensure your referred clients have a positive experience with the platform, enhancing your credibility for future Referral Agents.

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