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How to Capture the Best Photos of Your Property?

A picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture of your property can give valuable insights to your buyer and can also help them in ultimately deciding on whether to buy your property or not. The images you upload are often the first impressions of your property. If your image is not impressive enough, the buyer may not even venture into your property’s details. So, read on to find out how to create some of the best images to sell your property.

  • Make sure your picture quality is good. A good picture quality would show the features of your property better and they are more likely to be interested in it.
  • Capture the property and not the things inside. Let the picture show your property in all its glory, like any infrastructure or stretch of land. Leave out furniture or close-ups of particular trees.
  • Choose a sunny day to click your pictures. The sunlight makes for excellent photos. If taking photos indoors, please move back your curtains and let the light filter in.
  • Pictures of rooms should be taken from the doorway instead of inside the room.
  • Exteriors of houses and villas look better if taken from an angle as it allows the buyers to experience depth.
  • Try to exclude electrical wires, poles and dumpsters as they will take away attention from the property that is on display.
Best Photos

How to Make Property Videos That Sell?

When looking at a property, buyers would love to know what the property is all about. This is especially true if the buyers cannot visit the property in person before purchase. While a few photos of the property do help catch the attention of the buyer, it is often a good video that helps the buyer to make up his mind about the purchase.If you do not know how to make a good video of your property, go through our tips that will help you do just that.

Property Videos
  • You must capture the exterior of your property but make sure that you do not linger there for more than a couple of minutes.
  • Make sure to focus more on the main parts of your home like the living room, kitchen and the master bedroom. Just a couple of shots of the other parts of the home like the other bedrooms and the bathrooms will suffice.
  • Make sure that the focus of your video is the room and the viewer is not distracted. Remove clutter, tidy up the room and take down any pictures of the people living at the property.
  • A shaky video will put off the viewer and will prevent them from seeing your property’s beauty and uniqueness. Use a steady hand while filming your property. Investing in a tripod to hold your camera is also a good idea.
  • Do not waste too much time on areas like hallways and other transition areas.
  • Make sure there is a good amount of natural or artificial light brightening up the area you are filming.
  • Remember to include all important features and amenities of your property in the video.

How to Create a Professional Virtual Tour of Your Property?

Real estate hunting, today, has become very convenient and easy. Most buyers prefer to shortlist their potential choices based on photos, videos and virtual tours long before they decide to physically visit the property. Many rely just on these methods to make a purchase without ever setting foot on the property. As a property owner who is looking to sell their property, it is your responsibility to provide your buyers all the necessary inputs to help them make their decision. A professional looking virtual tour video is one of the tools in your bag that can help you sway your buyer in your direction. Are you wondering how to create a professional looking virtual tour video? We will discuss just that.

Virtual Tour
  • Remember to include all important features and amenities of your property in the video.
  • Most top performing virtual tour videos make it a point to focus on beauty shots of the main rooms and features. It is better not to waste too much time in the transition areas and the hallways.
  • Adding background music or narration audio to the video can help the viewer be engaged. It will also lead to a higher number of views.
  • Videos that use drones or higher vantage to shoot outdoor scenes are loved more by the viewers than those that have only ground level scenes.
  • Editing can make or break your virtual tour video. A good editing work can make your virtual tour video look professional and attractive to the buyers
  • There is a whole lot of equipment and know-how involved in making a virtual tour video that attracts the attention of your potential buyers. It is great if you can do it on your own. But if you think you cannot do it, you can always hire a professional to do it. Estate Agent Power also offers services of some of the best photographers and videographers to help you make a great virtual tour video. Contact us for further information.

Why Are Floor Plans Important in Making a Real Estate Sale?

While photographs and videos are great in showing how the property looks, it often does not give a very good idea of the layout of the property. If your property is just a piece of land, it may not need more than a couple of photos and a video to help it sell. But if the property you wish to sell is a residential or commercial space, a floor plan will help the buyer immensely to understand the dimensions and the layout of the property.

The physical features and the relationship between the various rooms are also better visualised using a floor plan. The potential buyer can also look at the floor plans and decide if any structural alterations can be made to the property according to their needs. When they can see the floor plan, they can visualise the size, dimensions and the unlimited potential of the property. This in turn will increase the perceived value of the property. To make a floor plan that is easily understandable and hooks the buyer, make sure it has the following characteristics.

  • Always point out the rooms and their placements on the floor plan.
  • It is best to add the dimensions of the important areas like the living room, kitchen and the bedroom. Also mention the total area of the floor depicted in the plan.
  • Make sure that the door ways, halls, windows, balconies and gardens are well marked.
  • Storage areas are often areas that can help a buyer make final decisions. Marking the storage areas like attics, basements and garages might help you get that sale.
  • Adding a floor plan of the locality might help too. It doesn’t matter if your property is an apartment or a house or even a piece of land, a floor plan with dimension, the nearby buildings and roads leading up to it might help the buyer a lot.
Floor Plans

How to Write a Property Description That Sells?

Today, most property buyers shop online. But how do you stand out from all the other properties that are posted online for sale every day? One of the best ways to catch the attention of the buyer is to have a great property description. A well-written property description can look professional and can also increase the chances of a sale.

  • The description must be accurate: The description must be used to tell a potential buyer what they are looking at. Misleading, inaccurate or untrue words must not be used. If you are selling a property that is 850 square feet do not use words like spacious or sprawling. Instead, offer them the positives of your property. Tell them if it is well maintained or if it is in excellent condition.
  • Do not use words that sound like a red flag: Saying that your property is a fixer-upper or needs TLC can paint a negative picture. Use these words only if your property needs a lot of work done on it.
  • Use words that seem to add value: Use words like luxurious if your property comes with a hot tub or use landscaped if your property has a beautiful garden. These words will add value to your property and make it more attractive to your potential /li>
  • Play up the unique: Unique features like a fireplace, a stained-glass window or an infinity pool should be mentioned. These will catch the attention of a buyer who is browsing through hundreds of properties and might just tip a sale your way.
  • Be coherent and simple: A simple and coherent description is more readable than a complex piece of content. Ensure that the description you write is grammatically correct and uses appropriate punctuation.
Property Description

How to Write Effective Titles That Help Catch a Buyer’s Attention?

Titles are very important when it comes to selling your property. A good title can attract buyers and a bad one can prevent them from clicking on the ad or being interested in knowing more. You have a 70-word limit for the title. So, make sure that you use the space well. Here are a few ways in which you can make your title stand out to any potential buyer.

  • Mention the unique selling feature of your property

    Example: “Historic Apartment in the City”
    “Modern townhouse in Downtown”
    “Minimalistic Condo in the south”

  • Mentioning the city in which your property is located and using words like Attention to catch the buyer’s eye can be a good option.

    Example: “Attention! 1 BHK in Singapore.”

  • Create an emotional appeal to your listing.

    Example: “Come home to a gorgeous 2 bedroom”

  • Use important attractions nearby to create interest.

    Example: “Condo one block away from the beach”

  • Use profits gained by the property to attract buyers who are looking for an investment.

    Example: “Earn 12% yield on Downtown home.”

What Is Yield and Why You Should Mention It in Your Listing?

Real estate yield is simply the amount of future income you can receive on an investment. It is usually calculated as a percentage annually and is based on the property’s market value. Consider this as an example. If you have a property which has a current market value of $500,000 and were making $25,000 as an annual rent, you would be receiving a yield of 5%. If you own a residential property, it is ideal to have a yield of 5% or more.

How to calculate my rental yield?

You do not have to worry about calculating your rental yield. If you do not know your yield, you can use our yield calculator by clicking here. All you have to do is enter the market value or your asking price and the rent you receive (or the rent you may receive if you were to rent your property out) and we will calculate the yield percentage for you.

Why should I mention the yield percentage on my listing?

Mentioning your yield percentage will help attract buyers who are looking at real estate as an investment. The yield percentage will tell them if the purchase they are considering would be a profitable one. Higher yield percentage will show that tenants place. high value in the property and are willing to pay higher rents to be able to live there. In other words, higher yield percentage would mean higher profits in the long run for the investor. The buyers may also be willing to pay more than the market value if the property has a high yield percentage.

What Are the Documents Required?

Documents are an essential part of any property deal. When selling a home, there are a few necessary documents that you need to possess for the documentation process. An ID proof and a proof of address are important documents that tell your solicitor who you are. The ID proof used usually is a passport or a driver’s licence. A utility bill or a bank statement that is not older than three months can serve as proof of address.

Other documents you will need

These are documents that you may have or may have to ask your solicitor to provide.

Title deeds: If your property has never been registered before, you may have the title deeds with you. If that is not the case then, you can get a copy of the registered title from your solicitor. This copy must show you as the registered
Report on title: This is a document that your solicitor provides. Keeping this document with you can be
Property information form: The seller has to fill out the TA6 form. This will contain a lot of information like the position of the gas and electricity
Warranty: If your property is less than 10 years old, you must have a copy of Buildmark or NHBC. Any other home policy or warranty documents may also be used.


As a broad definition, a commission in real estate is the amount paid to real estate agents and brokers who help facilitate the sale and/or purchase of a property. This is usually a percentage of the purchase price of the property. In most cases, both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent have to be paid either separately or the commission percentage is split among them. But at Estate Agent Power, we work a little differently. We aim to have a no-hassle, uncomplicated way for the benefit of all the parties involved in a property deal

How our commissions are different?

  • As a property listing platform, Estate Agent Power does not charge to register, list properties or send offers on listings.
  • We do not charge for packages, facilities or features availed by our users.
  • We do not demand a fixed amount or percentage as commission when a deal goes through.
  • The commission is to be paid only when a deal is finalised and the buyer pays it to us as a reservation agreement.

How it works

When listing a property, the seller is asked to choose the percentage of commission they are willing to pay. The package, facilities or features they enjoy will depend on the commission they choose. Higher the commission more features they will be able to use. The features include a listing in the first couple of pages, a greater number of referrers working on their property and more leads. Please note that a seller only chooses the commission percentage and does not pay it out of their pocket.

When the buyer sends an offer to the seller and the offer gets accepted, the buyer has to pay the chosen commission percentage in the form of a reservation amount. This reservation amount is the only money we earn for advertising the property and facilitating the deal.

When the deal is finalised and the payment is made by the buyer, they will only need to pay the remaining amount of the property price.

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