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A Complete Property letting service

Developing or buying a house is one thing; getting quality tenants to rent out to is another. Here at Estate Agent Power, we help landlords and home investors gain steady profit from their buildings through our variety of property letting services.
Infused with years of experience and the latest industry tech, we assist you in advertising and renting your property across London. Our experts take high-quality HDR pictures, drone shots, and video walkthroughs for your property.
These allow us to bring to the notice of your ideal tenants what makes your home the perfect place for them.
From property evaluation to tenant search, we are the best professionals you need. We can help you with:

  • Free property evaluation
  • Search for suitable tenants
  • Professional exterior and interior property photograph
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Develop checking reports

Get tenant payment always

The issue of pressing tenants to pay their monthly rent can turn into a severe discomfort for you as a landlord or investor. Estate Agent Power helps you overcome this through our guarantee rent services.
Here we take total charge of your property renting, using our background research and proven methods to rent your property to only tenants capable of paying. Our professional staff takes control of the monthly rent procurement.

We also see that you get your complete money monthly regardless of whether a tenant defaults on their monthly payment or not while using various legal means to recover the money due.

This way, we ensure our landlords can set realistic goals on the yields of their tenancy while enjoying the peace of mind they deserve. Our guaranteed rent services come with the following services:

  • Free evaluation service
  • Property decoration service
  • Interior and exterior property videography/photography
  • Free reference checks
  • Biannual home inspection
  • HMO licensing assistance
  • Rental price evaluation

Maintain the value of your property all year round

Having multiple properties means having increased responsibilities to address year-long. From running property inspections, conducting maintenance, paying bills, updating relevant certificates, and more, managing your buildings can turn burdensome quickly.
When looking for a committed real estate agency near you, Estate Agent Power can be the perfect solution you’re after. We can help you with the following property management services:

  • Free evaluation
  • Professional property photography
  • Search for suitable tenants
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Develop reference check reports
  • Conduct property maintenance
  • Yearly property inspection
  • Keep property certificates updated
  • Cater to tenants’ requirements.

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